The Ultimate Green Flags To Look For In A Partner | Ep.8

In Episode 8 of "The Self-Hype Podcast," Eli highlights essential green flags in partners, emphasizing abundance, self-awareness, and the importance of boundaries for healthier, more fulfilling relationships.


In Episode 8 of "The Self-Hype Podcast," Eli shares the key green flags to look for in a partner. He encourages listeners to adopt a mindset of abundance, to focus on the positive traits that indicate a healthy, supportive partner, and to understand their own worth and what they genuinely seek in relationships. Eli emphasizes self-awareness, emotional regulation, and a growth mindset as essential green flags in potential partners, advocating for intentional dating and the importance of knowing one's own value and aspirations. Additionally, he touches on setting boundaries and ensuring they align with personal goals and histories, guiding listeners towards meaningful, fulfilling connections that honor their ancestors and their own journey.






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