How To Regain Your Power After Betrayal with Personal Development Coach Katelynn Smith | Ep.11

In Episode 11 of "The Self-Hype Podcast," Eli welcomes personal development coach Katelynn Smith to share her story of overcoming loss and betrayal, emphasizing self-worth, forgiveness, and the transformative journey from pain to empowerment.


In Episode 11 of "The Self-Hype Podcast," Eli Vasquez hosts Katelynn Smith, a personal development coach specializing in trauma healing. Katelynn shares her journey from experiencing profound loss and betrayal to finding healing and purpose. She recounts the pain of losing a child and dealing with her ex-husband's betrayal, and how these experiences led her to help others navigate their healing journeys. Eli and Katelynn discuss the importance of self-worth, forgiveness, and moving beyond victimhood, offering listeners insights into transforming pain into empowerment. The episode emphasizes authenticity, the power of sharing one's story, and the importance of self-reflection and growth following life’s hardest challenges.






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