Texting Red Flags: Signs They're Not That Into You | Ep.10

In Episode 10 of "The Self-Hype Podcast," Eli delves into the complexities of dating and texting, emphasizing the need for clear communication, self-respect, and understanding texting cues for healthier, more intentional relationships.


In Episode 10 of "The Self-Hype Podcast," Eli tackles the nuanced world of texting and dating, providing insight into behaviors that signify interest or disinterest. He navigates through the anxious phases of early dating, highlighting the importance of recognizing red flags in text communication and advocating for a more controlled and self-aware approach to new relationships. Eli encourages listeners to maintain their self-worth, question uncertain texting patterns, and not settle for less than they deserve. He emphasizes the significance of clear communication, respect, and setting boundaries, ensuring that personal values align with dating experiences.

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