How To Thrive Through Divorce & Date Again w/ Meghan McTavish | Ep. 17

In Episode 17 of "The Self-Hype Podcast," Eli Vasquez discusses life post-divorce and modern dating with Meghan McTavish, focusing on authenticity and self-care in the healing process.


In Episode 17 of "The Self-Hype Podcast," host Eli Vasquez welcomes Meghan McTavish, creator of the SELF care-ISH podcast and a seasoned columnist and copywriter. Meghan, known for her candid discussions on her podcast about life post-divorce and modern dating, shares insights into the healing process and the transition to singlehood. She discusses the complexities of navigating life after a breakup, including the initial missteps and the subsequent journey toward personal growth. Meghan emphasizes the importance of authenticity in healing and the power of starting a new chapter with a focus on self-care and personal development.






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